Dale Folwell, CPA, Receives Two More Endorsements in Race for N.C. Treasurer

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Winston-Salem, N.C. The Folwell Committee for N.C. Treasurer announced today that Dale R. Folwell, CPA, has received additional endorsements in his candidacy for North Carolina Treasurer from two more key organizations in the state: The North Carolina Fraternal Order of Police (NCFOP) and the Professional Firefighters and Paramedics of North Carolina (PFFPNC).

Folwell’s latest endorsements give him the support of every major law enforcement, firefighter and first responder-group in the state. Earlier, he received the endorsement of the State Employees Association of North Carolina (SEANC).

“I’m honored to be trusted to be the next NC Treasurer, by those very people we trust the most – law enforcement, firefighters and first responders,” said Folwell. “These are the people on the frontlines every day protecting us. I’m going to protect and preserve their pension and healthcare plans.”

The North Carolina Treasurer manages the state’s $90 billion pension plan and state employees’ health care plan. Prior to these latest endorsements, Folwell has also been endorsed by the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association and the State Employees Association of North Carolina.

Together, the four organizations endorsing Folwell represent more than 115,000 North Carolinians whose retirement and health care programs are managed by the N.C. Treasurer.

The next N.C. Treasurer will be faced with a number of financial threats to these two programs that North Carolina has never experienced. The state’s $90 billion pension plan is underfunded, having not earned its assumed rate of return of 7.25 percent in the last 15 years – in the last fiscal year, it earned just 1 percent. Additionally, the state’s health plan for teachers and other state employees is $28 billion in debt because money was never set aside to pay for the promises that were made. These liabilities together could take over $4 billion a year out of the state budget for decades impacting jobs, education and infrastructure funding if not addressed by the next Treasurer.

As a four-term representative in the N.C. House of Representatives, Dale authored 29 enacted pieces of legislation that saved lives, minds and money for North Carolinians. Much of this legislation helped law enforcement, fire fighters and first responders including allowing officers to take photos of people refusing to provide driver’s licenses; exempting law enforcement officers from having to use seat belts for suspects in order to prevent biting, spitting and head-butting of the officer; and legislation enabling officers to revoke the tags, driver’s licenses and registration of motorists driving without insurance, reducing accidents and un-reimbursed damages.

Later, as Assistant Secretary of Commerce, he inherited the most “broke and broken” unemployment system in the United States. With the help of the Division of Employment Security employees and others, he was able to pay off $2.7 billion in unemployment debt and build a $2 billion surplus – in just 30 months.

“Dale Folwell has always had our back throughout his entire political career,” said Tom Brewer, president of the Professional Firefighters and Paramedics of N.C. “North Carolina Firefighters will have his back in the 2016 elections for State Treasurer.”

“I am proud to accept the endorsements of the NCFOP and PFFPNC,” said Folwell. “These organizations, along with the NCPBA and SEANC, represent more than 100,000 North Carolinians who provide vital services to the citizens of our state. As N.C. Treasurer, I pledge to fix the problems facing the N.C. pension fund and the state health care plan, reduce the waste, fraud and abuse in the state Treasurer’s office, and protect the futures of the people who protect us.”

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