North Carolina is better prepared than most states for future retirees. North Carolina is a model for other states in the South

Since taking office in 2017, State Treasurer Dale Folwell has sought ways to reduce health insurance costs for current employees and retirees while ensuring past reforms are not dismantled.

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Fee holiday extension nets increased savings in North Carolina

State Treasurer Dale R. Folwell, CPA, announced earlier this month the extension of a fee holiday that increases two-year savings to more than $4 million for members of North Carolina Supplemental Retirement Plans. “Everything we do in this department is for the customer — those that teach, protect and serve.” 

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NC pension plan a rarity among more optimistic states

North Carolina has the sixth best-funded state pension plan in the nation thanks to State Treasurer Dale Folwell. Why should you care about this story? Because it is your money!

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