Tar Heel Born. Tar Heel Bred.

Dale Folwell’s career achievements and legislative track record clearly demonstrate the traits that North Carolinians say they want in their North Carolina State Treasurer:

A conservative who consistently finds conservative and common sense solutions.

A leader who is committed to putting North Carolinians first.

A strong legislative track record.

An ability to clearly demonstrate the intellectual and policy risks that are necessary to fix North Carolina. 

Dale’s record is unmatched in his ability to get meaningful legislation passed; even while sitting in the opposition, he gets things fixed! His entire career has been focused on doing what’s right for his family, his clients, his community, and the State of North Carolina. Like the vast majority of North Carolinians, he comes from a modest background. When reflecting on his childhood, Dale often remarks,

"I was poor in resource, but rich in opportunity"

Dale Folwell has achieved decades of experience as a highly successful investor and financial consultant. In addition, he has served as Assistant Secretary of Commerce, two years as Speaker Pro Tempore of the North Carolina House of Representatives, four terms as Representative to the NC House, and eight years on the WSFC School Board. Dale has spent many hours volunteering his time helping others and working for charities. He is known across the state as an intelligent, honest person with a big heart. A man of his word, Dale Folwell has a proven track record of working hard and getting things fixed.